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Akela Services offer bespoke creative services specialising in the sports and entertainment industries.

It is our prime focus to provide our clients with exceptional and innovative personalised projects centred around creative pursuits, brand alignment, profiling, and building and maintaining legacy narratives.

We represent our clients across a range of boutique services, scaling from unique personalised projects through to management representation.

Providing talent for speaking engagements, brand endorsement, brand partnerships, event ambassadors, and entertainment services.

Dane Swan

Iconic AFL cult footy legend, Dane Swan has enjoyed a highly respected football career and been named one of the greatest midfielders of the modern era. Holding accolades which include being a Brownlow Medalist, a premiership player, a three-time Copeland Trophy recipient, and a five-time All-Australian, Dane continues to be one of Australia’s most popular figures both on and off the field.

After his illustrious football career Dane has continued to build a successful celebrity and business reputation within its own right.

Dane is a regular speaker, key note speaker, and panelist at numerous corporate and private events. He is also featured as a regular panelist and contributor to the Channel 9 Footy show, and appeared as the co-anchor for the Dustin Martin crown feature events. In 2017, Dane starred in and came runner up in Channel 10’s ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’.

Dane also hosts the popular and notorious podcast – Swanny and Friends, which has seen rapid growth and risen to be one of the most downloaded podcasts in its genre.

This former Collingwood and AFL cult hero is also a successful business co-owner of Renegade Art Society, Ratbagg Clothing, and the Albion Hotel. Dane’s consideration and business acumen which have seen these ventures successfully in operation for over 5 years, are testament to Dane’s professional and commercial abilities.

Dean woods oam

Dean Woods is one of Australia’s most successful cyclists. During his career he was an Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze medallist, set one world record and four national records, and won 20 national titles and 15 state championships, and was three-time world cycling champion. Dean is also an inducted member of the Australian Sporting Hall of Fame.

After his illustrious cycling career, Dean spent over 20 years creating and building businesses and applying his “Olympic mindset” to see the growth and success of those businesses. Dean is not only highly respected in the cycling world, but also in the business world.

In addition to building a number of successful businesses, Dean’s career boasts a specialised background employment and human resources, entrepreneurship, mentoring, and consulting.

A business mindset is no different to the Olympic mindset. This is the same mindset that Dean has regularly used and taught, even when he was diagnosed with stage 3 throat cancer in late 2015 and endured 5 weeks of intensive radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Psychology and the importance of being and remaining emotionally stable underpinned Dean’s ability to remain ‘realistically positive’ through this ordeal in order to achieve the best outcome possible; essentially Dean was in control of what he was able to control.

Whether it be turning an idea into a reality, improving your business or staff performance and creating an environment that people will love to work in, or developing a customer service mindset that will be so infectious you will have clients for life.

Let Dean guide you through life’s roller coaster ride; before, during, and after the victory and demonstrate how he uses the principals he has developed in his personal and professional life.

frank ferrer

Frank Ferrer is an internationally renowned drummer, best known as drummer for Guns N Roses since 2006. He is also the drummer with PSSR and The Compulsions, and a key member of The Psychedelic Furs and Love Spit Love.

During his illustrious career, Frank has worked closely with numerous artists including Angus Stone of ACDC, Tool, Gordon Gano of the Violent Femmes, PJ Harvey, Tommy Stintson, Frank Black of The Pixies, Neil Young, and Perry Farrell of Janes Addiction.

Available for private, corporate, and public events, brand endorsement, ambassador roles, and other key affiliations.


Ian Jacobs one of Australia’s greatest kickboxing legends.

Three time world champion, and voted one of the best martial artists of all time, Ian Jacobs is now a successful corporate speaker, trainer, and ambassador to numerous charities.

Julie McDonald

Julie McDonald held the Commonwealth record for the 800m Freestyle for 21 years, and is still holds one of the top 5 times Australia has ever produced.

Julie is a dual Olympian competing in 1988 and 1992, a dual Commonwealth Games representative in 1986 and 1990, a dual Pan Pacific Championship representative in 1987 and 1989 and a dual World Championship participant in 1986 and 1991.

She has represented Australia in swimming in every Australian Team from 1986 through to 1992, captaining two of those teams.

Julie was the only Australian female to win an Olympic Medal in the 1988 Seoul Olympics, winning a Bronze medal in the 800 metres freestyle.

Available as a speaker, ambassador, event MC, and other key affiliations.


Dubbed “Queen of Culinary Bling” and the “Foodie Godmother”, Mel’s clever cooking approach focuses on simple versatile recipes with time spent on excellent presentation. The enthusiastic, entertaining, award winning African-Australian chef and cooking school owner, says with a little know how anyone can plate up spectacular spreads similar to what you’d expect to see in five star restaurants.

Armed with a sassy sense of humour Mel is willing to share everything she knows about her passion…which is cooking!

Published author of numerous cookbooks, and profiled in a number of internationally renowned publications and media outlets, Mel is also the winner of many business and cooking awards..

Mel’s clients and affiliates include Bosch, Scanpan, Victorinox, Neff, Gourmet Garden, Movenpick, Coles, Woolworths, Chasseur, Oliveri, the Ekka, and many more.

Mel is currently developing an exciting new celebrity cooking show, and is available for speaking engagements, guest appearances, brand and product endorsements, and special guest demonstrations.


Internationally renowned stand up comedian Steve Hughes has been burning up the international comedy circuit for over 20 years.

Confronting, alarming (deemed controversial by some), but always hilarious. Steve has toured in some 25 countries across all corners of the globe receiving rave reviews for his brand of take no prisoners comedy.

With worldwide tours and multiple shows performed at numerous major comedy festivals internationally. Steve has also performed on prestigious British television shows including Micheal McIntyre’s comedy roadshow and Live at the Apollo.

He has also released 2 live audio CDs and 3 live DVD specials with a fourth in post production.
After a five year break Steve has returned to the stage with his latest show ‘Are you Serious’, and is currently planning a 2020 European tour.

Available for bookings, and brand and sponsorship endorsements.


Set in a dystopian future in which entertainment (and every aspect of day-to-day life) is run by international corporations that tell us what to think, drink, listen to, and watch; ‘Metal Headz’ follows the chaotic adventures of heavy metal band – Children Of The Damned.

Inspired (and outraged) by the creation of the world’s one-millionth boyband, “Boyband”, to sell the latest beverage sensation, ‘Popsi’, the down-tuned, disenfranchised quartet take up the call to battle big business music tycoons and thwart their efforts to set new sales records.

Rich with original content, tongue-well-in-cheek music, and sharp comic wit. Commenting on contemporary social, political, and artistic issues, and delivered in a stylised and stylish format, ‘Metal Headz’ is designed to appeal to today’s youth and adult audiences alike.